Muslim Companion does not put any profiles or photos online. Our work is passed on by word of mouth and due to our reputation and success we are continuing to grow. Our process is very simple:

  1. We register people and take ID were required  Muslim-Companion-form-MC
  2. We show the male profile to the female family (without contact details) and two recent photos full length
  3. If the female is interested we will pass with her permission her profile (without contact details and two recent photos full length.
  4. If both are interested we will arrange a meeting between the two families.
  5. If the meetings go well both parties will have a chance to speak with the families knowing for two weeks
  6. If all goes well then it can lead to marriage and if not Muslim Companion stops the process going forward.

People feel secure that we are involved just in case it does not work out as they understand that with our involvement they feel then sense of security and we ensure that either parties are not contacted if they is no compatibility.

We have always ensured families are involved from the onset as this shows the candidates are serious as well as families sometimes help with good decisions for the better for the candidate.

Please do get in touch today if you have any further questions or would like to register.